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Nissan MCP1F2A Forklift (2011 Model)


The Nissan MCP1F2A Forklift is a reliable and versatile solution for your material handling needs. With a 5500lb capacity and a 3-stage mast reaching a lift height of 189″, this forklift offers excellent performance and efficiency. It comes equipped with 42″ forks and is powered by LPG & Gas, providing the power and reliability required for various applications.

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The Nissan MCP1F2A Forklift, featuring the 2011 model, is a high-quality material handling equipment designed to streamline your operations. This forklift boasts a robust construction and impressive capabilities, making it an ideal choice for warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial settings.

With a remarkable lifting capacity of 5500lbs, this forklift can handle a wide range of loads with ease. The 3-stage mast ensures smooth lifting and offers a maximum lift height of 189″, allowing you to efficiently reach elevated storage areas. The included 42″ forks provide optimal stability and versatility for lifting and transporting pallets, crates, and other materials.

Equipped with a reliable LPG & Gas power system, this forklift delivers consistent performance and fuel efficiency. The power options offer flexibility and allow you to choose the best fuel type for your specific requirements. Whether you need to navigate narrow aisles, handle heavy loads, or operate in demanding environments, the Nissan MCP1F2A Forklift is built to deliver exceptional performance and reliability.

In addition to its impressive capabilities, this forklift prioritizes operator comfort and safety. It features a comfortable operator seat, intuitive controls, and excellent visibility, ensuring that operators can work efficiently and with confidence. Safety features such as lights, alarms, and reliable braking systems further enhance the overall operational safety.

Investing in the Nissan MCP1F2A Forklift means investing in a durable, efficient, and versatile solution that will contribute to the smooth flow of your material handling operations. Trust in Nissan’s reputation for quality and dependability, and experience the benefits of this powerful forklift in your workplace.

Note: Product specifications and features may vary slightly based on individual units and optional accessories.


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