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Toyota Model 8FGCU30 Forklift – 6000lb Capacity


Enhance your material handling capabilities with the Toyota Model 8FGCU30 Forklift. With a 6000lb capacity, 3-stage mast, and advanced features like side shifter, tilt, and fork positioning system, this forklift offers exceptional performance and versatility. All brand new tires and included 42″ forks provide reliability and efficiency in your daily operations.

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Introducing the Toyota Model 8FGCU30 Forklift, a reliable and powerful material handling solution designed to meet the demands of your business. With a robust build and exceptional performance, this forklift is perfect for various industrial applications. Manufactured in approximately 2011, this Toyota forklift showcases a track record of excellence in quality and durability.

Equipped with a 3-stage mast and an impressive lift height of 187 inches, this forklift offers exceptional reach and versatility. The side shifter and tilt functionalities provide precise maneuverability, allowing you to navigate tight spaces with ease. Additionally, the fork positioning system ensures efficient and accurate load handling, optimizing productivity in your operations.

The Toyota Model 8FGCU30 boasts a remarkable 6000lb capacity, making it suitable for handling heavy loads. This capacity ensures that you can effortlessly transport a wide range of materials, increasing your operational efficiency. Furthermore, this forklift comes with all brand new tires, ensuring reliable traction and stability across various surfaces. The 42″ forks included with the forklift enable efficient and secure lifting and stacking of pallets and other materials.


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