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Operational Checks

Operational Checks Services | Miramar Forklift

Operational Checks Services

At Miramar Forklift, we understand the importance of ensuring your forklift operates at its peak performance. Our Operational Checks Services provide a comprehensive assessment of your forklift’s key components and functionalities, allowing us to identify any issues and ensure optimal safety and efficiency. Our experienced technicians conduct thorough inspections and tests to give you the confidence that your forklift is in excellent working condition.

Hour Meter and Seat Switch

We meticulously check the hour meter to accurately track the usage of your forklift and determine maintenance schedules accordingly. Additionally, we inspect the seat switch to ensure proper functionality, promoting operator safety during operations.

Horn Function, Lights/Backup Alarm

Safety is a top priority, which is why we examine the horn function, lights, and backup alarm. These crucial components contribute to a safe working environment, providing essential warning signals and ensuring visibility in various lighting conditions.

Brakes and Linkage

The proper functioning of brakes is vital for the safety of both operators and surrounding personnel. Our technicians thoroughly inspect the brakes and linkage, ensuring that they are in optimal working order, and address any issues promptly to prevent potential accidents.

Free Play and Parking Brake

We pay close attention to free play, ensuring that there is no excessive play or movement in critical components. Additionally, we inspect and test the parking brake mechanism to verify that it engages and releases properly, providing reliable security during operation.

Directional Level and Steering

Our operational checks include assessing the directional level and steering mechanism. We ensure that the forklift’s steering operates smoothly and accurately, enabling precise maneuverability and safe navigation in various working environments.

Unusual Noises

Noises that are out of the ordinary can indicate underlying mechanical issues. Our technicians carefully listen for any unusual noises during operational checks, identifying potential problems and recommending the necessary repairs or adjustments.

With Miramar Forklift’s Operational Checks Services, you can have confidence in the reliability and safety of your forklift. Our meticulous inspections and comprehensive tests leave no stone unturned, allowing us to address any issues promptly and ensure optimal performance. Contact us today to schedule an operational check for your forklift and experience the peace of mind that comes with professional maintenance.

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