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Mechanical Services

Comprehensive Mechanical Overview

Our comprehensive mechanical services at Miramar Forklift ensure that your forklift operates smoothly and efficiently. Our skilled technicians perform a thorough mechanical overview, including checking oil levels, brake levels, drive unit mountings, and wheel mounts. By identifying and addressing potential issues early on, we help prevent costly breakdowns and extend the lifespan of your forklift.

Fluid Checks and Fills

Fluids play a crucial role in the performance of your forklift. Our expert team inspects and fills essential fluids, such as oil and brake fluid, to maintain proper levels. This ensures optimal performance and helps prevent damage to vital components, keeping your forklift running at its best.

Drive Line and Wheel Inspections

The drive line and wheels are critical components of your forklift. Our technicians carefully examine drive unit mountings and wheel mounts to ensure they are secure and functioning correctly. Any issues are promptly addressed to prevent potential accidents and maintain safe operation.

Brake System Maintenance

Brakes are vital for the safety of your forklift and operators. Our mechanical services include inspecting brake levels, checking for any signs of wear or damage, and performing necessary adjustments or replacements. We prioritize brake system maintenance to ensure reliable stopping power and enhanced safety.

Proper Lubrication

Proper lubrication is key to the smooth operation and longevity of your forklift. Our technicians meticulously lubricate the drive line, zerk fittings, brake linkages, steering gears, chains, brake pedal pivot, and battery rollers. This attention to detail minimizes friction, reduces wear and tear, and extends the life of critical components.

Thorough Documentation

At Miramar Forklift, we believe in transparency and providing our customers with detailed records. As part of our mechanical services, we maintain thorough documentation of all maintenance and repairs performed on your forklift. This allows for easy reference, tracking of service history, and helps you stay on top of maintenance schedules.

Trust Miramar Forklift for comprehensive mechanical services that keep your forklift operating at peak performance. Our skilled technicians, attention to detail, and commitment to quality ensure that your forklift is in reliable hands. Contact us today to schedule your mechanical service appointment and experience the difference we can make for your forklift operations.

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