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Hyster S60FT Forklift


The Hyster S60FT Forklift is a reliable and versatile material handling solution. With its powerful performance and impressive 6000lb capacity, this forklift is designed to handle a wide range of lifting and stacking tasks. Equipped with a DuraMatch Automatic Transmission, it ensures smooth and precise operation. The 3 Stage Mast provides a lift height of 189 inches, allowing for efficient stacking in various warehouse environments. The inclusion of a Side Shifter & Tilt feature enhances maneuverability and versatility. The forklift comes with 48-inch forks, making it ready for immediate use. Powered by LPG and gas, it offers a balance of power and fuel efficiency.

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Introducing the Hyster S60FT Forklift, a reliable and efficient material handling solution designed to meet your diverse lifting needs. With its exceptional performance and sturdy construction, this forklift is built to handle heavy loads with ease. The Hyster S60FT features an impressive 6000lb capacity, making it ideal for demanding warehouse operations.

One of the standout features of the Hyster S60FT is its DuraMatch Automatic Transmission, which ensures smooth and precise operation, improving productivity and reducing operator fatigue. With the 3 Stage Mast and a lift height of 189 inches, this forklift provides excellent reach and stacking capabilities, enabling you to optimize your storage space and improve operational efficiency.

To enhance versatility and maneuverability, the Hyster S60FT is equipped with a Side Shifter & Tilt function. This feature allows for precise positioning of the load, making it easier to navigate tight spaces and handle delicate materials. The inclusion of 48-inch forks provides a reliable and durable lifting platform right out of the box.

Powered by a combination of LPG and gas, the Hyster S60FT strikes a balance between power and fuel efficiency. This ensures that you can tackle demanding tasks while keeping operational costs under control.

With its reliable performance, robust build quality, and advanced features, the Hyster S60FT Forklift is an excellent choice for businesses in need of a versatile and powerful material handling solution. Whether you are involved in warehousing, distribution, manufacturing, or any other industry that requires efficient lifting and stacking, the Hyster S60FT is designed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


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