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Miramar Forklift presents the Raymond Stand-Up Reach Forklift, Model EASI R30TT, with a 36V battery, 3000 lb capacity, and 270″ lift height. Ideal for efficient warehouse operations with its ergonomic design and reliable performance. Battery in great condition for continuous productivity.


Introducing the Raymond Stand-Up Reach Forklift, Model EASI R30TT, a powerhouse designed for efficiency and productivity in your warehouse operations. With a robust 36V battery, this forklift delivers reliable performance, making it ideal for handling loads up to 3000 lbs. Its impressive 270″ lift height ensures you can easily reach high shelves and racks with precision.

The stand-up design enhances operator visibility and maneuverability, allowing for seamless navigation through tight spaces. The ergonomic design also prioritizes operator comfort and safety during long shifts.

This forklift features a battery in great condition, ensuring consistent power delivery and minimizing downtime. Whether you’re stocking inventory or fulfilling orders, the Raymond Stand-Up Reach Forklift is a reliable partner for your material handling needs.


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