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Why is Maintenance Important?

To have a forklift that operates well and lasts for years you need to have the proper maintenance.

Repairs can be time consuming and costly. We have the knowledge to find you the best parts at the cheapest rates, and perform any service quickly and reliably. Don't leave it to chance; have one of our staff perform necessary repair work and save time & money.

Forklift Maintenance & Service

Visual Inspection
Our comprehensive visual inspection looks for fluid leaks, steering problems, improper modifications and general reliability. We ensure that your lift is in proper functioning order and doesn't have any hidden problems.
Operational Checks
The operation check covers the following: hour meter, seat switch, horn function, lights/backup alarm, brakes and linkage, free play, parking brake, directional level, steering, unusual noises.
Battery Service
General conditioning & fill, cable inspection, eletrolyte check, ground connection check, cleaning of battery cables and replacement of batteries.
Electrical Service
Inspection of wiring and connections, inspection of contactors and tips, test solenoids, test switches, check all grounds. We also fix bad wiring and operational issues.
Replace engine oil, check air cleaner, check fuel system, inspect drive belt and generator belt, correct forward/reverse shifting, replace throttle cables, and check speed limiter.
We do a comprehensive mechanical overview that includes: oil level check/fill, brake level check/fill, check drive unit mountings and check wheel mounts.
Proper lubrication ensures years of use. We lubricate your drive line, zerk fittings, brake linkages, steering gears, chains, brake pedal pivot and battery rollers.